Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games

For a long time marketers home runs meant using tactics designed to interrupt potential clients and blindly targeted everyone in the hopes of reaching someone interested. Eventually, thanks to better research, statistics and higher quality content and targeting, a new way of digital marketing began to find its stride. This is based on understanding the consumer with appeal to their interests and needs. Now cutting edge developers are taking this to the next level. They are building chat bots which delight users by using techniques more often associated with cartoons than they are with hitting chat bot home runs.

Animation allows people to own conversations. Even if these are simple typing indicators as your bot hits your CRM, Walt Disney knew that simply the illusion of character was enough to create emotional appeal. Great chat bot developers also add anticipation and delay into this mix. Their impact on our impulses and desires are well documented. These are often further combined with hidden specials to play with users. Knowing their name, changing their greeting or letting them discover new offers created just for them.

And this is how the best of the best chat bot developers are using AI. The third wave of digital disruption is evolving away from just convenience and customization. It is allowing an intensely personal connection with people and brands through bots.

And here be dragons for the inexperienced or over keen.

Chat bots which try to cover everything, in the process compromise on quality. Do not fall into the trap of using AI where a guided conversation with well defined rules would suffice. Development teams should not underestimate what can be done with a few well designed if/else or switch logic statements. Figure out what success looks like for you because it is different for chat bots. For example, session length is often used to measure the ‘stickiness’ or user engagement of a mobile or web service but increased session length on a chat bot could mean users are confused.

Here is a top Chat Secrets hack for you.

When we build bots we like to measure success as the least number of conversation steps. Users prefer chat bots when they achieve results quickly and growth of our bots often depends on how many conversation steps users need to make. It is important to know the average conversation steps (the number of back and forth bot/user interactions needed to achieve some objective). When its lower users send us more ‘likes’ or thumbs up. So what do we do? We also watch for these and use them to trigger our free plus shipping offers :). This is how we qualify genuine buyers from simple raw traffic. And it converts!

Now go hit some home runs

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