Creating a Chat Bot Training Course

Here @chatsecrets we just published a training course on Teachable called ‘Marketing & Selling Using Chat‘.

If what you are selling would sell more if you had extra information about your users or if an ongoing relationship with your users would increase your sales then you need to sign up for this training course.  Did I mention that its currently FREE? No? Well it is – so go enroll right now!

If that is not enough, another reason to come training with us could be the chat bot we embedded on the course.

It seemed odd to be teaching conversational techniques without actually being able to show them being used . Kind of like all the lessons I hated at school where the teacher would constantly be telling you what you had to do without showing how or explaining why. So we built a chat bot which highlights the key topics from each lecture.

This post will talk a little about the training course with an outline of the modules and lectures, the next post will then dive a bit deeper into the technology side of things and the final post will finish off by discussing some interesting ideas for the future of coaching like this  – since as far as I am aware this is the first time a chat bot has been used in this way. (if its not let me know as I would love to see it)

Lets go?

The Training Course

If you would like to follow along using the bot and are not enrolled on the course go here

There are 5 modules seen below

The training bot

Inside the module ‘So you  want to sell using Chat?’ are lectures which show ways to customize user interactions in order to create interest and bot ‘stickiness’

Understanding Context

This shows a different message to the student depending on the channel they are on. Channels can be the Web, Facebook, Skype or anything else the bot framework can publish to

Using Anticipation

For this lecture we have a competition! We will select a winner and build a bot for them for free. Users just need to tell us in the bot using one sentence why we should build a bot for them and then tell us their email. We are using this as a way to qualify traffic and want to get a quote from the lucky winner which we can use for a subsequent training once we have built a rocking bot for them 🙂

The competition

Using Animation

Animation is a tool for communication and chat bot builders should use it. Given this one currently unexplored area of marketing and chat bots is the use of animation with interactive on-boarding. By showing users the right thing at the right time, we can create progressive disclosure. Progressive disclosure makes systems easier to learn by reducing the noise and clutter a user has been presented. Subtle animations ease in the new content, while educating the user about how the chat bot works. The emotional connection and the urgency in your message should create a feeling that the user must act now to avoid missing out on something important. This is often done using a countdown timer which we show here in the bot

Inside the module ‘Building Blocks’ are some key Chat Secrets

Warm Up

All really successful businesses not only understand every phase of their marketing & sales funnels but they can successfully monetize them as well. The first step in a funnel is usually raw, cold traffic so how can we get these new bot visitors in the correct frame of mind for our offer before we show it? One cool thing to do is to create a quiz and ask questions which gets users thinking about the problem you can solve for them. As a little thank you for taking the quiz the chat bot sends a freebie of one of our top Messenger  Growth Hacks!


The goal of qualifying buyers is to get users over the hurdle of giving us some personal information. Ideally this will be to use their credit cards to actually pay for something but for this course we did not want to do that so we ask for an address to ship an imaginary order. Speaking the first few lines of the address also works!


Once we have qualified buyers we need to give those people who can really see our value an opportunity to move up our value ladder. We need to give them an offer and then identify our active buyers. This lecture shows a full e-commerce solution with a checkout to buy some Chat Secrets merchandise


Inside the module ‘Growth Hacking’ are some growth techniques and important statistics for bot growth hackers 


Broadcasts are messages which can be sent to anyone who has ever interacted with your chat bot! They can be extremely powerful and stats show that users are pretty much tolerant to broadcasts. There is even some evidence that users are tolerant to even high-frequency broadcasting – an optimal strategy is likely one broadcast message per day which is perfect to start building up a relationship with you new users.

Turn on the Engines

According to SmartInsights, a ‘good’ open rate for email is just over 24% and a ‘good’ click-though rate is only 4.19%. But Messenger has open rates of 80%, and a click-through of 40% or better!
I bet you want to find out how much more revenue you can generate with a bot than you can with email?  Tell the bot how many active subscribers you have on your list, the average cost of your product or service and your conversion rate and the bot will show you how much more you can make with a bot than with email. For example with a 1000 active user list with a $49 product or service cost and a 12% conversion rate you will make $1,813 more from a bot than email!

Turn on the engines

​Inside the module ‘Marketing AI’ is a marketing AI trained to make appropriate offers

Predictive Marketing

Has the ability to dramatically increase trust, engagement, and conversion between buyers and sellers in the future. So we wondered – Can we use an AI to introduce our funnel offers for us? Can we train our AI to do that? Find out in a recent article we wrote in Chatbots Magazine which goes into what we did in more detail. Check it out

Next Up


Once we decided we needed  a chat bot for our course the first issue we faced was how to embed it correctly. I mean actually embed it in the course – not have it as some clickable chat window. Since we use the awesome Teachable I was sure we would be able to do it but what about on the free plan :). Find out next time!


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