Anyone Making Money with Bots?


In today’s digital age, everyone is looking for a quick way to make money online.  If you are a software designer or engineer, you can create an advantage over your competition by designing a bot, which can essentially generate profits while you sleep.

What is a Bot?

A web robot, Internet bot, or bot for short performs tasks online at a faster and more effective rate than humans.  Certain websites or servers may have rules, guidelines, and procedures in place to prevent and limit the use of bots on their platforms.  

So how many bots are out there operating on the World Wide Web?  According to the experts at PC World, half the Internet’s web traffic comes from web robots.  The report continues saying that bots are becoming more sophisticated in replicating human traffic.

Who is Making Money with Bots and How are They Doing It?

There are different models for people and companies to make profits using bots.  We’ll take a look at some of the most popular methods and give some examples.  

Pay Per Click Arbitrage

Adverting companies pay websites to promote their products and services on a per view or per click basis.  You can create a bot that generates views and clicks on a particular page or website, giving the impression that humans are viewing the advertisements.

According to Business Insider, this method of generating profits with bots is fraudulent and not recommended.  They continue explaining that these bots try to target the highest paying ads, but they are essentially stealing from the advertising companies.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing strategy has grown in popularity with the rise of the Internet.  It has a simple concept using commission as an incentive.  

You can become a brand ambassador for a company by promoting their products or services.  If you can get someone to make a purchase or sign up for a service, you’ll get a flat rate or commission percentage of that particular sale.  

Affiliate marketing is easier online since you can use links and promotional codes on different platforms to generate sales and boost your commission.  Bots can share your affiliate links through direct messaging, e-mail, and social media faster than any human can.

Instant Purchasing

When something in high demand goes on sale such as concert tickets or rare sneakers, thousands of people rush to their computer to try and buy them before they sell-out.  

Some of these people are huge fans of a certain band and want to see them in concert.  Other people want to take advantage of these fans and re-sell these tickets on a secondary marketplace to generate profits.  

To buy shoes or tickets you need go through the timely process of filling out personal information, shipping information, and payment information.  Bots can process these purchases much faster than humans, and lead to high resale profits.

However, according to the New York Times Magazine, Congress passed a law in 2016 making ticket bots illegal.  Although the new law discourages people from using these bots, it’s not stopping them completely.  

Lead Generation

You can create a bot that makes money based on the concept of lead generation.  You need to set up a target landing page where consumers can input their information by chatting with a bot.

For example, an online car shopper may come across your page where a chat robot initiates a conversation with them.  The robot will ask questions about their location, price range, credit score, and the type of car they are looking for.

With the consumer’s permission, the bot will send the information to a car salesman in the area and take a commission if that customer ends up purchasing a car.  Growbots is an example of lead generation bots available online.  

Retail Sales Chat

If you have an existing company with an online store, you can use chat bots to boost your sales.  When a customer visits your website, you can have a chat box appear somewhere on the screen with a message offering help to navigate the page.

Basically, the chat robot acts as an online version of an in-store customer service representative.  If the customer chooses to reply to the message, the bot can offer them suggestions of items to purchase based on what they are looking for.

These bots can make money for your company by enhancing the consumer experience and driving more sales.  They can even recommend products with a higher profit margin based on your programming settings.

Final Thoughts

There are a large number people online making money using bots.  Some of these people are doing so using unethical practices, while others are following the rules.  You can use these proven methods to have bots make money for you in your sleep.  

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